Friday, September 18, 2009

School Skating Party!

First school skating party. We went in the pouring rain. A flash flood really. Didn't want the kids to be disappointed. Wondered if anyone else would be there. The rain stopped magically right after we all got soaked getting in the car. We saw lots of friends and neighbors and school mates there. Jill tried skating for the first time. Jonah had a ball and Cory had even more fun, even though his back was hurting. I wonder if he can even walk today? It was fun! Note: Jonah was all over the place. If you look closely, you will see that he is in almost every picture. Guess I didn't have to worry about him learning to skate. Jill told Courtney that it "cracked her up" that her Grandma never learned to skate. Guess I won't have to worry about her learning either. My one attempt as a teenager at a church skating party resulted in my being wheeled off the middle of the floor in front of everyone like a refrigerator!

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