Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Craft Project

I made a craft project last night. Rare for me. I used to be a typograher. I bought a book called "Designing with Words" a long time ago. I got it out recently and was inspired to make something to finally display my wedding announcement which I love. I typeset it myself. (My friend, Karin, got me when she received it. She called to say it was very pretty except for the TYPO. I almost had a heart attack.) Anyway, I used the napkins from my bridal shower for a background and added some cutouts from my favorite cards from Roger, a photograph and a postcard from the Rusty Pelican where we got married. The card on the bottom says "I Love You" but it was washed out by the flash. Very typographical! I hope to take a better picture when it is finished. Of course I still have to glue it all down. I am worried about trying to glue the napkins. I think I might wrap it all with a bit of netting. I am feeling so creative! ?Any suggestions? In the book they often add little charms and other things. I do have a little bow on the corner that was wrapped around some stationary. (P.S. If you double click on the photograph it will enlarge it so you can see all the details.)

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