Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visits to Santa

Briel and Santa

Jonah and Jill with Pinky and the scooter

Sean, Mia, Jaime and Jonah

Mia not so happy about Santa

Jonah visits him "just in case ..."

Jill - Starstruck!

Christmas House

Santa visited our neighborhood last night at the house with all the lights, just a short walk across the golf course. Karin and Alan came and Cory (Jill's dad) was here. I picked up Jill and Jonah since Mia and her friend Briel were still taking a nap. On the way over, Jill said, "My tummy feels funny." She was very nervous at actually meeting Santa in person. There were no lines and no busy mall and no charge for taking pictures. Jonah rode his scooter across the golf course and along the sidewalk. Even though it is used, he loves it and can do tricks on it already. Except for some family drama, everything went pretty well. Jill was awestruck and loved the pink elephant Santa gave her. She named him "Pinky". Jonah acted way too grown up to see Santa but finally relented and seemed to enjoy himself. His mom and I both encouraged him to talk to Santa "just in case". Later, Jaime and Sean brought Mia and Briel by to see Santa, too.

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