Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shamrocks and Strawberry Pie

Jaime decorated the little girls with shiny green eyeliner and a shamrock on their cheeks. All 3 kids went to the zoo with grandma. Jill and Mia rode the flying banana twice where the man running the ride called them "sassy". When the ride was over he told them to "make like a banana and split" and to "peel on outa here." They loved it.

 Sweet Florida strawberries are in season. The Strawberry Festival in Plant City just ended last week. I made a strawberry pie. Well, I didn't really make it. I just baked a frozen pie shell and piled it full of fresh berries coated with store bought strawberry glaze and topped it with whipped topping. It was good, though, and tasted very homemade.


  1. Girls and pies looking very sweet, and springy. Don't kids love those silly jokes. Just plain clean fun.

  2. Your pie is homemade! You made it at home with your own 2 hands! And it sure looks yummy!