Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Happenings

Jill had the only solo in her chorus performance.

Mia had her premier performance. She even had some words to say.

Jill helped me decorate. She decorated this wreath.

Our Christmas Tree - an old one we have used for many years

Nibbles got a Christmas haircut. His ears were so tangled, the groomer cut off all the hair.

Jaime won a wine tasting at her house with her friends.

Jaime's house on the night of the wine tasting.

Jaime's outside lights

Christmas season moves along. I am being very creative to do a lot with a little this year. So far, Aaron graduated from Police Academy, Jaime got a promotion, Jaime hosted a wine tasting at her house that she won earlier this year at a charity event. (She even won the tickets to the charity event in the first place.) Still to come, Hannuka dinner at Aaron's parents' house, a traditional cookie party at my friend's house, Christmas Eve at my house, a Christmas visit from Roger's son, Martin, Christmas morning at Jaime's house and Christmas dinner at Martin's mother's house. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

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