Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last Day of School 2012

 Jonah created this tile which has been installed on the steps at school.

 Here is the real Jonah at the end of school 5th Grade party (with water slides)

Jill with friend, Rain

Jill with friend, Riley

Mia in Mrs. Wilson's classroom. She drew the picture on the board.

Cory and I went to the class parties on the last day of school. The 5th grade had a huge blowout waterslide party for their last day at this school. We went to see Jonah's tile which had been installed on one of the stairways. I hope Jill and Mia have their own tiles somewhere at the school when they leave. We went to Jill's class party with Mia. There was a lot of dancing. I regret that I did not get pictures of Jill and Mrs. Wilson and of Jonah and Mr. Munoz. They did a very good job and we will always remember them.


  1. Love Jonah's tile. I think the waterslide wore him out.

  2. Great photos! The last day of school is always so exciting!