Friday, June 1, 2012


Another graduate in the family. Stephanie just graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice and now Mia has graduated from Pre-Kindergarten. Seriously.

At first she wasn't into it.

But then she was all smiles and sang all the words with her class song and even danced a little.

Then they put on their caps and gowns and marched down the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance. I confess to choking up a little. At the same time the end of year party was taking place at the school next door where Jill and Jonah and their friends were having fun at a Hawaiian-themed celebration.

Here are a few special graduation photos from the past.

Jaime had a graduation ceremony from kindergarten with cap and gown and a limo ride (around the block so they could arrive in style.) This must have been about 1985.

Here is Jonah in 2005. I have a better graduation picture but I can't find it.

Here I am in 1966 in my High School graduation picture.

 I even found this picture from my dad's graduation from Crescent, OK HS in 1939. He is the 3rd one from the right on the top row. How do I know it was 1939? Because I also have this cool little graduation book from the occasion.

Inside are all the names of the graduates in case you think someone in the picture above looks familiar.

Next door, at the end of school party, there was a lot of bouncing, dancing, pizza eating and hula hooping going on. Mia got a lot of attention from the older crowd as she came in still wearing her cap and gown.

Jill and Jaime hooped a little.
Mia is learning. Here she is with TWO hoops!


  1. So many fun mortarboards! And your graduation photo is HOT!

  2. Wonderful memories and wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.