Monday, June 18, 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again

Jaime and Jonah, 2000

I'm taking the occasion of Jonah's recent birthday to post one of my favorite pictures of Jonah and his mom. Jaime was favoring a short, strawberry blond hairdo at the time which matched perfectly with the red glow on little Jonah's head. That made me think of this picture of me and Cory. He was 11 months old. As I recall, a photographer actually came to the door! I let him in and went and changed myself and the baby. Can't imagine doing that today. But he took a nice picture.

Shari and Cory, 1972

My hairdo made me think of another set of pictures.

Shari, 1969

 Jill - last Thursday


  1. Wow, the resemblance comes shining through in all those of generations of big gorgeous eyes. One of my favorite piks of my sister has that same hair style.

  2. I was googling...trying to find Grandparent style blogs to connect to. Here you are! I live in Florida and have one grandson who is 7 months old. I LOVE your old photos!! Isn't it fun to relive old memories?
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  3. The family resemblance certainly is there! All of you have such beautiful eyes! Great pics!

  4. Love your generational comparing photos! I make photo books for my grandchildren every year and their favorite photos are the ones of their fathers at the same age.

    It's amazing for children to see that their parents and grandparents were once also young.