Friday, May 4, 2012

Jill at NASA and My Birthday Celebration

Jill had a field trip to NASA and even met John Glenn!

My birthday celebration

I like this picture of Alan


Baby Ryan (Grace and Dan's baby)

Cory and friends

Jaime and Alan cooked wings. Ymmm!


Jill just returned from a field trip to NASA. She even met John Glenn! She was so excited. The other pictures are from a little cookout Jaime had at a nearby beach for my birthday. She had margaritas and chicken wings. It was awesome.
And then Mia took a nap.


  1. Love the pictures. Getting to meet John Glenn--what a thrill! I took my grandchildren to Space Center Houston recently and got chills as we watched the footage of all of the space missions.

  2. Wow, your spring sounds just like mine.
    Happy Birthday! Wings and margaritas are two of my most favorite things. A trip to NASA would be awesome. An old first astronaut -Guss Grissom lived near here.
    Get some rest.

  3. Very happy and very belated birthday! Looks like it was wonderful. Great pictures.