Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mrs. World and Christmas Happenings

Cory and I went to the breakfast at Jill's class. Right - Jill and her teacher. Mrs. Wilson has taught Jonah and Jill so far. I told her Mia is coming!

Jonah's garden - just outside his classroom

Top pictures show the new Mrs. World, who is my friend and my neighbor's beautiful daughter-in-law. First she went and won the Mrs. America contest and now she is Mrs. World! The picture on the right is of Sylvia on her way to the pageant. April Lufriu, the new Mrs. World, is doing a great job for her charity, retinitas pigmentosa, which affects her own family. We always knew she was pretty, but now we know how special she really is. Congratulations, April!


  1. Miss World is a beauty. How very exciting!

  2. It's always cool to know a celebrity, especially when he or she is also known for good works.