Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slice of Life - Under the Sea

Slice of Life is a weekly prompt to encourage writers to tell personal history stories. Click on the link to participate.

Jonah and Jill are lucky to live in Florida. These pictures are from a recent visit to the Florida Aquarium with Cory and Stephanie on their recent "staycation." They also took Jonah with them to a magical place near Ocala called Rainbow River. It is a natural springfed river where we used to go when Cory and Jaime were little. They got tubes and floated down the river with snorkels and masks. Stephanie said the kids had their faces in the water all day long. We don't get to the beach as often as we should, but Jonah loves to fish and swim at the beach on a big lake near our friend's house. He is my little nature boy.


  1. What fun! I don't know how I'd manage if mine didn't love nature. So fun.

  2. Love this. Great shot catching them mesmerized by the aquarium. We had a similar place near San Marcus area. Ah fun memories.

  3. That. Is. So. Cool. I wish Idaho had one.