Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jonah's Home - Boy and Dog Reunion

No amount of editing can make these pictures anything but what they are - an attempt to capture the blur of boy and dog joyously renewing their friendship. Tusseling, running, jumping and racing around the house and yard. Family and friends showed up to welcome Jonah home. We had food, but he was busy riding Aaron's big bike to see his friend, Seth, setting off some firecrackers he found, hugging Mia and Brody. Mia was so convinced that he would "never come home" because the airport was "too far away." Jill and Mia had made him some "letters" for his homecoming. He tore into them with great anticipation. I thought that was so sweet until I realized he thought there might be money inside. Jonah and his mom went to a last minute music concert with Daniel and Amanda. I suspect they are both sleeping late this morning. Welcome home, Jonah! P.S. The house looked very pretty. Jaime and Aaron moved some things around to make room for the piano.

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