Monday, July 18, 2011

Bowling Party

Stephanie made a bowling ball cake.

Stephanie and her mom, Debbie

Allie and Steph

Jill's grandpa and her mom, Courtney


Jaime and Aaron

Mia had fun and she got a strike!

Jill opening presents

Kids eating cake

Jill's new aquarium

Jill's bowling party was a great success. Stephanie made a great bowling ball cake. It was layered with chocolate cake and confetti cake. Stephanie bought a special pan to make the cake. I see a lot of soccer, basket and baseball cakes in our future. Jill squealed with delight at her presents and all her friends and family came. Mia was able to bowl with a special ramp they set up for her. She got a strike! Even Roger had a good time. All the other pictures are on Stephanie's camera because I forgot mine. BTW, after Stephanie went to all that trouble to make the cake Jill described, Jill said, "You could have just drawn the bowling ball with icing!"

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  1. That's one of the most creative cakes I've ever seen!