Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All About Jillian

Jill's 1st Birthday

Jill - 2 years old

Dance class tutu.
Jill and Dora blanket
Cory and Jill

5th Birthday with Grandma
5th Birthday with Daddy and Stephanie. Jason is in the back.
Jill, 5, and her mother
Jill, 4th birthday, making cupcakes for her party at the water park
Jill and friends from dance class at her 4th birthday party
Which pictures to choose? I have so many pictures of Jill I am trying to highlight some cute ones that I haven't posted before. Her 8th birthday party is coming up. She has been my little friend and companion ever since she was born. She has always seemed older than her years. Happy Birthday, Jillian. I will always love you. I will also do a post of Jill's art work soon. I am always showing Mia's drawings but Jill has many good ones, too.
I need to tell a Jill story. When she first started to walk, we had a litter of kittens. She loved those kittens and she wanted to carry them around. We had to keep saying, "Not by the neck! Not by the neck!" Reminds me of when Jaime was little and we had some kittens. She would call them so sweetly to come to her and they would run like hell in all directions.
Another Jill story. Her first words or close to it. She was looking at a book out on the porch and my friend said, "Did she say 'Duck'?" We both looked at the baby. There was indeed a picture of a duck on the page. "I don't think so," I said. Then she turned the page and said, "Quack, Quack".

Jill was only 3 when we were at Jaime's baby shower for Mia but she was starting to read. She was also very good at recognizing logos. As she helped Jaime unwrap a present, she looked at the big box and said, "Oh, it's from Walmart!" Smart girl.

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  1. The pictures and your memories are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing.