Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mia and Her Teachers

Mia finished her first year of preschool at Head Start. Here she is with her teachers. On her first day I asked if she had any friends. She said, "I have a friend and his name is Ms. Rodriguez!"


  1. What a great picture!!! Enjoy every moment, it goes so fast! The last 2 years have just flown by!

  2. Cute frame and great picture! And thank goodness for those who are willing to take on the job of teaching little ones.

  3. I love that story. I had twins, boy and girl when my oldest was not quite two- yeah, it was a wild time. Anyway, when people saw Adam they would invariably ask, "What did your mommy have." His reply, "Scissors." "What's their names?" "Waychel (Raechel)." "Oh, what is the other baby's name?" Then they would get the "Are you stupid?" look and answer, "Waychel." It was quite sometime before he acknowledged having a brother.