Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

Brody - Boy's new best friend

Birthday cake. The tent had a little light in it and the shadow of a boy.

Jonah and Brody

The kids stopped a wild sword fight long enough let me take one picture


Mia, Cory, Jill

Joyce and Peepaw

Music in the living room

Such a cute picture. I'm sorry the photographer messed up the focus.

Irma and Brody. Pappa Jerry in the background.

Future bride and bridesmaid Jaime and Amanda.


Cory, Elliot and Jonah. Toy gun.

Jonah and Seth

Jill and cake

Best birthday ever. A good report card from school, a new puppy and a camp out with all his friends. Happy Birthday, Jonah!


  1. These are beautiful pictures =)

  2. My first visit to your blog -- love the pictures!