Sunday, November 14, 2010


Cory and Stephanie's dance at their wedding.

Jill and Cory share a dance at his and Stephanie's wedding in September of this year.

Jill and Jonah dancing while Jaime watches. Mia is onboard but not born yet.

Jill and Jonah at our wedding in 2006. They liked each other better back then, I think.

Shari and Roger dancing at our 2006 wedding. The song was "At Last" which some of my friends found funny because of our long courtship.


  1. It's pretty great to fall into the arms of your love "finally". It happened to my sister Susan after 17 years alone, after her first marriage. We wondered if she would ever find that kind of love, and she did, and we could have danced at her wedding to "At Last" too. :)

  2. Great pics! I didn't know that you are a newlywed. Later-in-life love is great, from what I've been told. Me, I've been with the same guy since 1964!