Friday, October 15, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Jill requested to come home early from after school care. She was "sick" with a tooth that was literally hanging by a thread. She was fascinated with that tooth when it finally came out so she wrote a note to the tooth fairy. Above is a copy of the actual note with a comment from the actual tooth fairy. Maybe I should sell it on ebay. I'm sure it is valuable. Here is what the note said:

Dear, tooth fary colud you give me money But leve my tooth case I want to keep it. Thank You,



P.S. how many teeth have you colected? (from every Kid)

And the tooth fairy wrote back in very swirly writing:

Dear Jill ~

I must take your tooth to give to children who don't have them. I have collected 807 million teeth!

Happy Wiggling!


Tooth Fairy

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  1. I remember wanting to go home sick with a tooth (though I don't think I thought of saying that, darn!). Now don't you wish there was a blog that documented our tooth fairy memories?

    Yes, Don really did grow those pumpkins! He got the seeds from the guy who has grown the biggest pumpkin ever, which is over 1,000 lbs I think. Don's are about 200. :)