Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Party and Mia's First Day of School

The girls' faces were pictured on this screen while they road a virtual roller coaster. Amazing!

Mom and Birthday girl


Grandma (me), Mia and Jill

Jill and Mia

Mia and Jill went to a little friend's birthday party on Saturday. I'm posting a few pictures.
Monday was the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for Mia. She started at Headstart and she was very excited. A space opened up and Jaime only had two days to get all the paperwork done. I forgot my camera but Mia looked adorable with a little hat and her book bag. The building was completely plain on the outside but had the cutest little classrooms I ever saw on the inside. Jaime and I hung Mia's things in a cubbie with her name on it and she started playing with the toys. We said goodbye and she barely looked up.
We waited anxiously to hear what she would have to say when the day was done. Well, here is what she said about 50 times. "I missed my mommy and I cried and he got away." (She still gets her pronouns mixed up sometimes.) We asked about the playground, the other kids, the food, etc. but this is all she would say.
This morning was very different from yesterday. She cried and fought and didn't want to get dressed. She begged to go to Grandma's instead. She tried twice to run out of the room and finally they had to restrain her, screaming, while Jaime left. The worst possible scenario. Jaime called when she got to work and they said she was eating breakfast and being good. I plan to pick her up at the earliest possible time - 3:00. I think that will be long enough for today.


  1. Oh dear, I remember these days with Peter. It's SO hard. It will get easier, hopefully.

    I can never get over how early you Floridians start school! We have a couple of more weeks to go up here in the North.

  2. Yep. They start earlier and go later. Then they throw in a bunch of half days in the middle of the week???? It's crazy.

  3. Happy First Day!! Your granddaughters are lovely.