Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ft. DeSoto Beach - Family Visit

Ft. DeSoto Beach is special with it's wide white beaches and green palm and pine trees.

Daughter and Dad

Sky and beach

Jill and Alex - instant friends

Beach boy

Jill admires Jonah's find

Mia decides the dress has to go

Bathing beauty 1

Bathing beauty 2


Grandson and Grandpa

Never pose your subjects looking directly into the sun!!!

Happy day at the beach with Roger's daughter and her family. It was just the right temperature in the shade a Ft. DeSoto beach. Everyone loved it and the seafood lunch that followed. Then the visitors headed back up the highway toward Michigan with newfound friends waving out the window as we turned off to go home. With the horrible oil spill in the gulf, I just hope Ft. DeSoto continues to look like this forever.


  1. Great happy faces. You are so beautiful (that's you, right?) - fantastic eyes.

  2. The pretty girl is Roger's daughter. I take more pictures than I am in. But, as always, thank you for you comments.