Saturday, May 22, 2010


Country decoy

Ruth over at synch-ro-ni-zing (see Blog List at the right of the screen) has written a moving tribute to her father. In her tribute she said that if an inanimate object could represent a person, her father would be represented by his beautiful barrister bookcases. That got me thinking. What would best represent me? My home? My photograph albums? This blog (if my family ever reads it)? I think to my children it might be this wooden decoy from North Carolina.

My brother got it for me one Christmas when I was strong into my country phase. He was shocked by the price at the cute little country store but he got it anyway. My family couldn't quite understand my decoy love. The distressed finish, the "worm holes", the worn ivory paint, the little beady eye, the shape and feel of it, the wood-burned logo on the bottom. It was shabby chic before there was such a term and was the source of much teasing. It came in two pieces. The strong heavy body and the delicate long curving neck and head. My daughter broke the curvy neck piece when she tried to use the decory and it's wooden tray to anchor the corner of a sheet tent she was making. The neck was glued back together. The crack is still visible.

The decoy and it's tray sat in the middle of my dining table for years. We always referred to it as the "duck". I'm not sure if it is really supposed to be a swan or a goose. Keys and messages were often left in the "duck tray". It was decorated with pine cones and green boughs at Christmas and various bows, hats and other embellishments throughout the year. My son delighted in annoying me by turning it's head backwards. Now it sits primly on top of a corner bookcase, seldom noticed or commented on. I would put it on my mantel if it would fit. A beloved object. Wonder what they will do with it when I am gone?


  1. Oh Shari. First, thank you for your nice words. And it makes me glad that you were inspired to write this, to think about an object that represents you.

    Do I remember country! All those geese and cows and sheep! My mother-in-law and sister were really into it, and I loved it too.

    I imagine one of you children will keep the goose/duck/swan just to remember you by. Some things, and people, get better with age!

  2. Thank you, Ruth. Your comments mean a lot to me.

  3. This was a wonderful post, Shari. And now it has me thinking.... I have a huge blog post brewing now. Hah!