Monday, January 25, 2010

Sylvia and Steve

My neighbor, Sylvia, came down yesterday to tell us her beloved companian, Steve, died suddenly on Saturday. We are all stunned. He was in his 70's but a very active and fun loving man. They have only been together about a year. Steve loved to fish in his boat and only recently sold his motorcycle. I was supposed to go down and show them how to use Craigslist so he could advertise for electrician jobs and she could sell her handmade jewelry online. We all liked him very much and he and Sylvia were having such a good time. They went dancing every week and just celebrated her birthday on Friday. In fact, they were at the Seminole Casino when he had a sudden heart attack. They were winning. Life is short. Now Sylvia will have more time to go for walks and help me with the yard. She is a good friend. Life is not only short and it is not fair.

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