Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Good Dinner

Just a pot roast, cornbread and some strawberries from the frozen fields of Plant City. But it was warm and filling. The farmers put so much water on the strawberry fields trying to save them from freezing that sink holes are opening up everywhere even under the interstate highways and one elementary school! Oh the law of unintended consequences. The only thing holding up this sandy little penninsula we call Florida is apparently ground water. I don't think we have to worry about earthquakes, only suddenly collapsing into the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. Your dinner looks wonderful......strawberries yum.....

    thanks for taking the time to stop by Farmhouse..and for thinking of us in the the rain has let up...but it's COLD
    and the kittys are doing good..i take a towel and dry them off..then feed everybody...they all look good and happy...

    have a great weekend

    kary and the kittys

  2. That potroast looks divine, and strawberries!

    We used to go to Gino's in Chicago. I wonder if it's the same franchise? Well, it's probably one of the more common names of pizza places. :)