Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Trimmings

Christmas trimmings are in place. Modest and as childproof as possible, they still look very pretty. We had a cold night and made a big fire and toasted marshmallows in the fireplace to make s'mores. On another night we got the tree into place with the usual commotion. Mia really likes it and has mostly left it alone. We had trouble locating the Santa plate and the Santa Elf ornament that hangs from the light fixture over the table. Never did find the red and green plaid tree skirt. Cory strung some lights on the outside and took Roger out on the golf course with him. They had fun and Roger tried his swing in the front yard. I am hoping he starts playing again soon. Merry Christmas season to all. Jonah still has his job to do. Getting the train out and putting it together and then protecting it from Mia. He says he is up for the job.

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