Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Happy Summer Memory

Crossfire, Jim's dad and Jim Sopkin playing here at Rick's on the River.

The staging area at White Sands Beach where I ran into Jim and Crossfire.

White Sands Beach
I didn't have my camera that night, but I went to a little party in Karin's neighborhood at White Sands Beach. They had a little concert and pizza party one Friday night. Jaime, Mia, Jill and I went along with Karin and Alan. I loved the music right away but who should I see at the bandstand but my old friend, Jim Sopkin. Jim's band used to be called the James Gang when we worked together at Verizon. Jim plays all my favorite music, Jimmy Buffett, country rock, some old 60's classics and he is the kind of person who makes everyone feel like they are his best friend. He saw me and I saw him at the same time! I was so happy. I like Jim's music so much that I once hired his band to play at one of my bonfire parties in the back yard. Only band I ever hired, including my wedding! If anyone has ever walked into a room full of people, maybe feeling a little shy, and received a big welcome through the microphone, you can imagine how great that makes you feel. Jim used to say hi to me and my friends when we walked in back when he was playing at Gino's. Between the music, the water and sand and the night breeze, I felt like I was 17 years old again. We found out that Crossfire plays regularly at Rick's on the River so we will be going there soon. Joyce, Peggy and Jen were great friends of Jim's as well as me. So we all are looking forward to some more great times. (P.S. In the photo above the guy in the foreground is Jim's dad who plays guitar with the band and also blows a great harmonica.)

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