Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day Back at School

Courtney, Jill, Jonah, Cory and Stephanie. Jaime was home dealing with a plumbing problem.

Jill at her new desk

Jill and Ms. Mathews - 1st grade teacher

Jonah's class - 3rd grade with Delaney and Chase and Nelson in his class as well. Jonah's teacher is Ms. Wilson.
Courtney met us at Jaime's house where the hot water heater had sprung a leak and was spraying hot water from below the stairs. Wet carpet was Jaime's first clue. Steph and Cory brought Jill over and we all walked them to their classes. I am SO glad to have them both in the same school this year. After the school they go to Roy Haines park together. It is great. Jill has had no adjustment problems and is now riding the bus by herself since the second day. The bus comes right into her complex and picks her up. Yay!

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