Friday, July 3, 2009

sweet and gentle visitors!

Every morning we watch the cranes slowly stroll down the golf course eating bugs in the grass as they go along. There are five when they all show up, but mostly we see these three. They make the strangest clacking sounds. Today they came across the street into our yard! I ran to get the camera and a slice of bread. They came straight up to me for the bread but were much more gentle and calm than the local ducks, who can get quite aggressive. I led them all the way to Sylvia's house and talked to her and Steve who were having coffee on the porch. When the cranes got ready to leave, the biggest one spread his wings and stood on his tiptoes for a while as if to say "Thank you." I was so stunned I didn't get the shot. What a nice way to start the day along with cooler temperatures and some sunshine instead of rain!

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