Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Birthday

Had a happy but stressful birthday (actually the day after my birthday). The kids were out of school so Jaime and I were going to take them to the zoo. First we stopped at the bank and the grocery store which turned out to be a lot more frustrating and time-consuming than we expected. In the end we took the kids to White Sands beach in Carrollwood by Karin and Alan's house. They only had a little more than an hour, but it gave the kids and the adults, too, a chance to blow off steam.

Later, Roger and I went to dinner at Vallarta's with Joyce and Karin and Alan. It was wonderful, even though Rick and Darlene had to cancel. Also, before we went, I got a call from Angie. It was very sweet. Angie is Cory's OTHER sister and my OTHER daughter.

Today we are going to Tampa Bay Downs to join Joyce, Karin and Alan, and Peggy and Stuart in celebrating the Kentucky Derby. My first time. Maybe I will have some beginner's luck. I am very lucky and very happy to have such wonderful family and friends.

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