Wednesday, April 8, 2009

spring break and Easter past

Mia and "I Love My Mommy" Book. The mommy is giving the sick baby a purple popscicle!

Mia and balloons along with other stuffed friends

So many things going on and I haven't taken many pictures lately. Went over to the hospital to relieve Jaime on Sunday so she could get out for her birthday. 29 years old! I remembered two restaurants near the hospital on Davis Island.
Jaime and Sean, Karin and Alan went to Estella's Mexican restaurant and sat out on the patio and had Sangria. Jaime seemed to really enjoy it. Just a few hours away from constantly watching Mia. I had brought my camera, but we were all so tired, NO ONE TOOK PICTURES. As for me, I stayed behind and watched the baby, did the "Mommy and Me" video two times in a row, pulled the pillow-lined wagon with Mia through the hallways singing "Mommy and Me." I didn't mind. She was so cute. When it said, "I love you, Mommy!" on the video, she cuddled up to me and said, "I love you, Grandma!" She also loves a book we found called, "I Love My Mommy" which features an elephant Mom and baby. She is a mommy's girl right now for sure.

Jonah stayed all night on Tuesday. He wanted to stay just him since Jill stays all the time. Since we had no ice cream in the house, Jonah and I had Slimfast milk shakes and watched (guess what) "Jurassic Park!" He was asleep almost immediately but I watched for a while for old time's sake. Jonah and I know all the dialog by heart.
Jill coloring Easter Eggs

Yesterday, Mia and Jaime came home from the hospital again with lots of supplies. It is Easter break and the kids are out of school. Jonah decided to stay at home and missed coloring eggs with Jill. So, I will have to color more eggs today.

Last weekend we finally finished cleaning out the Zephyrhills house. It is empty now. One step closer to resolving all our issues. I would not move again if someone put a gun to my head!
My neighbor, Sylvia, has been having a blast with her new boyfriend and Sean has a chance for a permanent job at the hospital doing drywall repair. I am so hopeful for that to happen!

April, Ken and the kids are vacationing in Orlando and will be coming to visit us on Friday. I hope Jonah and Jill and Mia will get to meet Roger's grandchildren at last. Maybe I will take the kids to the movies today. Roger still has passes we haven't used. It is rainy and cold for the zoo. Very unusual weather for April in Florida!
Happy Easter Pictures from years gone by:

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