Monday, December 15, 2008

A Simple Christmas - Kinsman Family Portrait

Everyone heads over to the pool/lake for picture taking.

Mia and me. She is smelling a flower (flowler she calls it). Only way to get her to hold still.

Family photo. The best of the bunch. Everyone looks pleasant. It was before Mia's meltdown.

Obviously not in order. Here is the start of the parade to the lake.

Erica and even the cat lagging behind.

With money tight for everyone this year, we are cutting back to essentials. Good food and friends and presents only for the kids. This year we really mean it! It is strange, but also strangely liberating. This site is for family and friends and especially for Jonah, Jillian and Mia as a record of their childhoods and their grandma who loves them!

We went to the lake by my daughter's apartment last weekend to try to take some family portraits. Jaime got everyone together and found white shirts and khaki pants for them all. We trooped down to the lake which provided a beautiful background, but the light was too strong and the baby got progressively more irritable as the photo shoot went on. We got a few memorable shots anyway. I will try to post them now.

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  1. I just found your blog and had to look to see when you started. Some lovely pictures to start off with! I think this is a lovely way to keep the family connected and to save some memories for the grands.